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Collineo Inc. is a manufacturing integrator whose mission is to bring innovative and high-performance high mobility robotics solutions to diverse application areas, in support and extension of operators. From civil protection to field operations, Collineo aims to provide professionals with new advanced-technology tools to help them accomplish their tasks in a more secure and efficient manner. To comply with today's requirements for a better environment, Collineo is totally committed to integrating environmental considerations in its solutions to confer its customers with a competitive lead.

As complementary activities, Collineo also uses its engineering and manufacturing expertise to propose solutions in other high-technology industry sectors such as instrumentation equipment, energy transformation and off-road vehicles.


  • complete product development cycle including design, prototyping, supplying, production, testing and support
  • robotics and off-road locomotion platforms, power transmission for mobile applications
  • multi-technology and mecatronic systems integration, modular architecture systems
  • field equipment teleoperation systems


  • mobile robotics, off-road vehicles
  • civil protection, demining, UXO and EOD operations, remote surveillance and inspection 
  • research



Agile, low-cost and light-weight (7 kg.) remote controlled vehicle equipped with Immervision's cameras (2007 improvement) for tactical interventions.
Last Updated ( Friday, 16 November 2007 )
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